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Installations Car Charging Stations

An electrician experienced with car-charging stations is of paramount importance for this project. The electrician can offer advice about household amperage needed to support the system, circuit breakers to purchase, and installation location for optimal convenience and reasonable installation costs. It’s also common to make upgrades to a home’s electrical wiring to handle the increased load from the electric automobile.

You may need to get a special permit to operate certain charging apparatus at your home. To apply for a permit, submit documentation to your local municipality for review. You may need to visit the office in person, or you might be able to apply for the permit online. Expect to pay a fee for the permit. It’s also likely that the local municipality performs inspections of all car-charging stations within its jurisdiction. Once you have your equipment installed, schedule the inspection. A building inspector will check the location of the installation, any upgrades you have made to your electrical system, and any modifications you have made to the structure of your garage. As long as the equipment and modifications fall within local codes, you should receive your permit without problem.